Hi ! I'm Ibrahim H. K.

Ibrahim Haleem K. | Experience is Never a Bad Way of Progress

Who am I ?

A Tech-Savvy guy with wild interests in different cuisines, Cars, Bikes, New Tech, Gadgets, Python, Data, Hex/Quad - copters, Raspberry Pi, Data, Photography/Videography & Meeting amazing yet awesome people. I create Products.

Being interested in almost all of the things that conducts electricity. The love of python took me to road less taken, due to its versatility. Helping me to explore new things and works. I am good enough in WebDev(B&F), loves to drive cars and ride bikes. Raspberry Pi took my enthusiasm for python on another level teaching me new technology and helping me creating RPI powered devices. My passion for photography has risen exponentially due to the fact I love capturing moments that reflects light. Visiting any place (Thanks to the family), I try capturing each and every explainable moment of it. (I don't own a DSLR, I am almost depended on my friends and some of being generous, they do actually lend it to me for a KFC bucket :) )


I Take Absolute Pride in the Work that I do. Here's to my Leadership and Work Experience :

HTTMS : Hamdard Timetable Management System

Developed and Designed HTTMS under the guidance of Prof. Moin Uddin and Our Honorable Vice Chancellor Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) Seyed E. Hasnain (Frontend(Boostrap) & Backend(PHP,MySQL))

HAIS: Hamdard Attendance Information System

Developed and Designed HAIS under the guidance of Prof. Moin Uddin and Our Honorable Vice Chancellor Padma Shri Prof. (Dr.) Seyed E. Hasnain. Implementing both (RFID Tech and Backend(Python, Mysql, PHP,Raspberry Pi))

President, (CSI) Computer Society of India, Jamia Hamdard University (2017-2019)

Bestowed with Student Chapter Presidency for my Hard Work and establishing assets and liabilities while evaluating its potential.

Co-Founder Entrepreneurship Cell, Jamia Hamdard (ECJH)

Co-Founder Entrepreneurship Cell, Jamia Hamdard (ECJH) with my fellow talented colleagues. Leading to better future of our Students.

Intern at TCIL :

Internship on the project "Pan-e-African Network" at TCIL(Telecommunications India limited, Govt. of India) which provides medical help, Teaching Resources, Surgical Data, Facilities to many African nation through Real life video calling, chatting and Voice Communication. This project includes many renounced Hospitals like AIIMS, Safdarjung etc. under Govt of India.

Organizer and Web Dev

Developed Websites for many clients as well for events Eg: ICIDSSD18

My Works

Things That I have Created, Captured and Developed.

Ocean Park

Honk Kong

Yup! It's not a Statue.


The land of High Passes



In Solitude



Good Reads.



A Cold Desert.

Taxis Taxis All the Way

Hong Kong

Remember 3 Idiots ?



Fast Pace

Main Market


Beautiful Place, Good People.





Hamdard Timetable Management System

HTTMS : Hamdard Timetable Management System


What Can I Do ?

Lets be Awesome

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